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Adventure Time


Who doesn't love Adventure Time? In this series Finn the Human and Jake the dog experience the greatest adventures! In the post-apocalyptic world in which they live, everything is possible. Magic, Mutants .. In The land of Ooo nothing's too crazy! 

The award winning series is popular with both adults and children. This is due to the many references to adult topics, and of course the super cheerful appearance of the series. The funny voices, the intro music, the smart and funny dialogues and the fun characters have made this show a global success!

The creator of the series says he's have gotten a lot of inspiration from shows on television, movies and games like Dungeons & Dragon, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, products of Nintendo etc.

Adventure Time includes many unique and creative characters which ensure that each episode is just as amusing and exciting. Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, the sassy Lumpy Space Princess or the super cute Beemo... It is impossible not to get attached to them!

Even the evil princess-abducting Iceking is adorable at times!

In some episodes of the series, all characters suddenly swapped gender. This results in great episodes in which Fiona the Human and Cake the Cat go on an adventure.

After 7 Seasons Cartoon Network has announced that they will end the series. By 2018, the story will sadly come to an end, which results in great sadness of fans.

With the merchandise from Popmerch.com you'll be able to carry your favourite characters with you or even turn yourself into one of the characters!

Snapbacks, Hats, Purses, Bags.. We have it all! 



Adventure Time Jake Pluche Toy Backpack
This Adventure Time backpack in the shape of Jake the Dog is a pluche toy and a bag in one! We also have this bag available in the shape of Finn the Human
Adventure Time Jake the Dog Zipper Hoodie
It's time for Adventure! With this zipper hoodie you're almost disguised as Jake the Dog from the television series Adventure Time! It has ears and a tail!
Adventure Time Finn and Jake Reversible Gymbag
This cool Adventure Time Drawstring Bag has two sides! On the one hand you'll see Finn the Human, and on the other hand you can see Jake the Dog.
Adventure Time Finn en Jake Reversible Backpack
This Adventure Time Finn and Jake Backpack is reversible. On one side you'll see Finn the Human and on the other side you'll see Jake the Dog.
Adventure Time Rubber Finn Keychain
Finn the Human is together with Jake the Dog a main actor in the animation series Adventure Time.
This keychain is great for on your keyring or zipper!
Adventure Time BMO/Beemo rubber Keychain
Everybody needs to have this cute Adventure Time BMO Keychain on his keyring!
The pendant is made of 100% Rubber and the chain is made of metal.
Adventure Time Characters All Over Print T-Shirt
Super awesome all over printed Adventure Time T-shirt with images of characters and items from the TV show, including BMO, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human
Adventure Time Finn, Jake and the Ice King Wallet
A cool blue Adventure Time wallet with an image of Finn the Human, Jake the Dog and the Ice King! There is room for cards, coins and paper money.
Adventure Time Finn Crew Socks
What time is it? Adventure Time! These Adventure Time crew socks have the look of Finn, one of the main characters from this Cartoon Network series!
Adventure Time Lady Rainicorn Scarf
Lady Rainicorn is a character from the Adventure Time series. This colorful scarf is measured 150 centimeters long without the feet and horns!
Adventure Time Blue Mountain Gym Bag
On the image of this Adventure Time Blue Mountain Drawstring/Gym Bag you see Jake the Dog and Finn the Human chilling in the blue mountains.
Adventure Time Finn and Jake Sunset T-Shirt
This white Adventure Time t-shirt has a picture of Finn and Jake chilling at sunset. The shirt has a "faded look" and is available in adult sizes.
Adventure Time Characters Charms Metal Keychain
This spectacular Adventure Time Keychain has several charms of popular characters from the series. There is also a charm with the Adventure Time logo.
Adventure Time Characters Knitted Scarf
On this colorful Adventure Time Scarf you can see some cool characters from the series.
The scarf is 54 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters long!
Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) Rubber Keychain
Oh My Glob! This Lumpy Space Princess Keychain is really amazing! The pendant is made of rubber and the chain and ring of metal. Instant Fabulousness!
Adventure Time Marceline Guitars Keychain
This cool Keychain is from the American Cartoon Network Series Adventure Time Character Marceline the Vampire Queen and is fully made of Zinc.
Adventure Time Beemo Trucker Snapback Cap
This cute BMO (or Beemo) Hat has a snapback closure and is adjustable to size. The back is made of mesh, this style is called a 'Trucker' Snapback.
Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Knitted Laplander Beanie Hat
This pink Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Knitted Laplander hat is designed to cover your ears extra well and keep your ears warm in the winter!
Adventure Time Rubber Jake Keychain
Keep Jake the Dog from Adventure Time on your side by hanging this keychain on your keyring!
The pendant is made of rubber and the chain and ring of metal.
Adventure Time Princesses Charms Metal Keychain
This super cool Adventure Time Keychain has multiple charms with the princesses from the series.
There is also a charm with the Adventure Time Logo on it.
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