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Backpacks, Schoulderbags and more!

In this category you will find our collection of bags! At Popmerch.com we love originality. That's why we select the most unique and beautiful bags for you! This category is divided into several subcategories;

- Backpacks. These are the standard backpacks that you are used to. These bags have adjustable shoulder straps, a loop to hang the bag on, often a front pocket and often several inside pockets including a laptop compartment. We have backpacks in many shapes and sizes, such as our roll-top backpacks, which you have to close by rolling up the bag. And our regular backpacks that close through use of zippers. View the product pages for specific product information!
- Shoulder bags. These have an adjustable strap that you can hang on your shoulder. These bags are useful if you are not a fan of backpacks or if you have to get something out of your bag regularly. These bags often close through Velcro closures, zippers and plastic snap closures.
- Mini backpacks. Super convenient if you do not have to carry a lot. These are very suitable for children!
- Gymbags/Drawstring bags. The name says it all! These bags are very suitable to bring to for example the gym, the swimming pool, the beach or in the case of the little ones gym class or swimming class! These bags are largely all made of sturdy polyester and can be closed by pulling the strings.

At Popmerch.com we are working on renewing and expanding our collection every day. So take a look at our website regularly, sign up for the newsletter, or follow us on one of our social media channels at the bottom of the page!
With more than 20 years experience in the merchandise industry, we always manage to select the best and most beautiful products and offer at the best prices on the market!
If you have questions and/or comments, please contact our customer service! We are happy to help you!


Pokémon Characters All over Print Backpack
This cool backpack is completely covered with Pokémon! This sturdy backpack has a front pocket and multiple compartments, including one for your laptop.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros Characters All Over Print Backpack
A super cool bag from Super Mario Bros with an all over print of famous characters from the game. This backpack has a size of 40 x 25 x 8 cm.
Pokémon Pikachu PU Leather Backpack with Ears
Pika Pika! This yellow Pokemon Pikachu backpack has Pikachu's face on the front and ears on the bag! It is 31 cm long, 25 cm wide and 11 cm deep.
Nintendo Game Boy Backpack
This Nintendo Game Boy Backpack has beautiful details! The bag has rubber buttons and it is possible to place an image behind the screen.
Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Backpack Bag
A great Frozen backpack! The bag is pink in color and has the dimensions 27 by 30 by 11 centimeters. The bag is made of the highest quality.
Pokémon Eevee All over Print Backpack
A super cool backpack from Eevee! Eevee is known as the Pokémon with the largest number of evolutions in which the Pokemon can evolve.
Hello Kitty All Over Print Backpack
An indescribably beautiful all over printed Hello Kitty backpack with a nice print all over the bag! You can take a lot with you in this backpack.
Pokémon Pikachu Ladies Women Shoulderbag Clutch Wallet
Adorable! Steal the show with this yellow Pokémon Pikachu Shaped Shoulder Bag / Clutch / Wallet! The bag is made of PU leather and has a metal chain.
Spiderman Backpack Kids
A super amazing Spiderman backpack for children. With this bag you take Spidey everywhere you go! Are you a fan of the action hero, then this is your bag!
Pokémon Pop Art Pikachu Backpack
This black Pop Art style backpack from Pokemon has a cool Comic print with the word "Pop!" and an image of Pikachu who is saying "Pika Pika!"
Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Backpack
A super cool and handy backpack from Hogwarts, the school from Harry Potter. This bag is super handy to use for different purposes. Yes!
Playstation Console Shaped Messenger Bag
Classic! This Shoulder Bag has the shape of a Playstation 1 console. The inside and outside contain multiple pockets and a laptop divider! Super convenient!
Game Over Backpack
A super nice Game Over backpack with a size of 38 x 31.5 x 13.5 cm. This beautiful bag has a blue base color and has several pictures on it.
Pokemon Pikachu Adaptable Backpack 41cm
A super nice officially licensed backpack from the thunder mouse Pokemon called Pikachu. This bag is made of polyester and is water resistant.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros All Over Print Backpack
A super cool officially licensed all over printed backpack from Super Mario Bros from Nintendo. This backpack has a size of 46 x 32 x 12cm.
Pokémon Pikachu All Over Print Backpack
A super cool Pokémon backpack with an All Over Print from Pikachu! Pikachu is a thunder mouse that specializes in electric lightning attacks.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Buckle Backpack
A super nice buckle backpack from Harry Potter Hogwarts. This backpack has a size of 30x35x15 centimeters and is black with gold accents.
Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Backpack
A super cool backpack from Hedwig, the owl from Harry Potter! This bag has wings that you can adjust in many different ways so you can spread his wings.
Playstation Console Shaped Backpack
Classic! This Backpack has the shape of a Playstation 1 console. The inside and outside contain multiple pockets and a laptop divider! Super convenient!
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle Logo Canvas Messenger Bag
A super nice Jack Daniel's Tennesee Whiskey Bottle Logo Canvas Messenger Bag. This high quality bag is made of 100% cotton and is gray in color.
Surinam Flag Fanny Pack
A handy fanny pack of Surinam with the flag of Surinam on it! This fanny pack is handy for storing items and carrying them with you everywhere.
The Legend of Zelda Black Woods Mini Backpack
This The Legend of Zelda Black Woods Mini Backpack has a Hyrulian crest logo on the front and a picture of Link. Also suitable for children!
Spiderman Backpack
This is a beautiful backpack of Spiderman made of 100% polyester. On the front of the backpack there's an image of 'Spidey' ready to shoot a web!
Nintendo Super Mario All Over Print Faces Backpack Official
A super beautiful official Backpack from Mario. The backpack is red in color and has several heads of our friend Mario on it. High quality!
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