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Backpacks/Rucksacks for Everyone!

Everyone knows them, backpacks! Everyone has had one or needs one. At Popmerch.com all backpacks are of superior quality. In our webshop you will find backpacks of various brands of video games and movies. Think of a Pokémon backpack, Adventure Time, Super Mario, Nintendo Game Boy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Team Rocket (Pokémon), Assassin's Creed, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Marvel Comics Iron Man, Skyrim and many others. For example, you can find a nice R2D2 backpack on our webshop. We also have a new beautiful Skyrim Dragon Badge backpack, a Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Shaped Backpack, a Rick & Morty backpack with the faces of Rick & Morty on it and much more. A really nice and funny backpack in our webshop is the one of Captain America where the bag looks like the shield of the superhero Captain America (Marvel Comics). We also have backpacks of the videogame The Legend of Zelda.

The backpacks we offer can also be used perfectly as a school bag but also as a backpack for everyday use. In our webshop you will find backpacks for both young and old in different shapes and sizes. A backpack is also perfect for giving a gift to someone. For example, if your child goes to a new school or to the first grade class it is a perfect reason to give your son or daughter a nice new backpack. Take a look at our webshop to see which different backpacks we all have for sale. Our webshop is regularly updated with new backpacks. It's always nice to have a nice backpack where you can easily store your belongings. We will always update our range of products with the newest backpacks of various brands such as videogames or movies and TV series. Make sure to check our webshop every now and then to see if we have added new backpacks!


Nintendo Super Mario Bros Characters All Over Print Backpack
A super cool bag from Super Mario Bros with an all over print of famous characters from the game. This backpack has a size of 40 x 25 x 8 cm.
Pokémon Characters All over Print Backpack
This cool backpack is completely covered with Pokémon! This sturdy backpack has a front pocket and multiple compartments, including one for your laptop.
Nintendo Game Boy Backpack
This Nintendo Game Boy Backpack has beautiful details! The bag has rubber buttons and it is possible to place an image behind the screen.
Pokémon Pikachu PU Leather Backpack with Ears
Pika Pika! This yellow Pokemon Pikachu backpack has Pikachu's face on the front and ears on the bag! It is 31 cm long, 25 cm wide and 11 cm deep.
Dragon Ball Z Kame 3D Kids Backpack 31cm
Kamehameha! When you are seeing this cool backpack you can almost hear Goku in his ultra strong Ultra Instinct mode screaming very loud kamehameha!
Playstation Console Shaped Backpack
Classic! This Backpack has the shape of a Playstation 1 console. The inside and outside contain multiple pockets and a laptop divider! Super convenient!
Pokémon Pop Art Pikachu Backpack
This black Pop Art style backpack from Pokemon has a cool Comic print with the word "Pop!" and an image of Pikachu who is saying "Pika Pika!"
Dragon Ball Z Evil Backpack
A super awesome backpack from Dragon Ball Z! The bag says Vegeta, Cell, Majin Boo and Freeza. They are all evil but they are really cool characters.
Disney Mickey Mouse ' True Mickey' Backpack
A super nice bag from none other than Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse! On the bag you can see several Mickey's derived from his original display.
Pokémon Eevee All over Print Backpack
A super cool backpack from Eevee! Eevee is known as the Pokémon with the largest number of evolutions in which the Pokemon can evolve.
F.C. Barcelona Champions Backpack
This FC Barcelona Backpack is of course blue with and has the typical FC Barcelona stripes and the logo on the front! It has multiple compartments.
Pokemon Pikachu Adaptable Backpack 41cm
A super nice officially licensed backpack from the thunder mouse Pokemon called Pikachu. This bag is made of polyester and is water resistant.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros Yoshi Faces Subliminal Print Backpack Official
A nice Nintendo backpack with Yoshi faces on it. The bag is of high quality and has a strong zipper. The bag is green in color and made of high quality.
Disney Mickey Mouse Soft Pluchy Backpack
A super nice backpack from Mickey Mouse! This backpack has a soft plush exterior so it feels very soft. The bag has a size of 28x33x12cm.
DC Comics Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adaptable Backpack
A super cool backpack from Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is a DC Comics crime film which has been released in 2016.
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle Logo Canvas Backpack
A super nice Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle Logo Canvas Backpack. This backpack is made of strong cotton and is grey in color.
Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Backpack
A super cool and handy backpack from Hogwarts, the school from Harry Potter. This bag is super handy to use for different purposes. Yes!
Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Backpack
A super cool backpack from Disney Pixar Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear. The bag has a beautiful image of Buzz and it has extendable wings.
Jurassic Park T-Rex Incoming Backpack
A super cool backpack from Jurassic Park with the text T-Rex incoming where it looks like this text puts on a police line for enclosures.
Dragon Ball Z Symbol Backpack
A very sick and super cool backpack from Dragon Ball Z! This bag contains the colors orange and blue and it has a size of 42 x 30 x 20 centimeters.
Pokemon Charizard Adaptable Backpack
A super cool backpack from Charizard! Charizard is a well-known Pokemon that can fire many attacks such as fire blast and is very strong.
Nintendo Super Mario Bros All Over Print Backpack
A super cool officially licensed all over printed backpack from Super Mario Bros from Nintendo. This backpack has a size of 46 x 32 x 12cm.
Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Shaped Backpack
This fun green Rick and Morty Backpack has the shape of Pickle Rick! This bag has a laptop compartment, adjustable straps and a padded back surface.
Star Wars The Mandalorian Yoda Backpack
This super fantastic backpack is from Yoda The Child who is a famous character from the series The Mandalorian that can be seen on Disney plus.
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